• Fume Hood

    Our fume hoods incorporate the latest innovations and technology for fume hood performance features, enhancement and styling. We construct our fume hoods with durable materials and finishes specific to harsh environment of a laboratory and is designed to provide superior value throughout the life of the product.

  • Features

    • 35" sash viewing height • Combination sash • Low profile airfoil • Chain drive sash counterbalance system
    • Preset baffle system - no adjustment required • Expanded size offering • Enhanced styling • Chemical resistant interior liner


  • C-Frame Bench
    Type A Length (mm) B Depth (mm) C Height (mm)
    Bench Top Fume Hood 1219 794 1613 vertical sash
    1524 946 1765 combination sash
    1828 794 946 1613 vertical sash 1765 combination sash
    Walk-in Fume Hood 1828 794
    2438 946
  • working-principle
  • Localised Extraction

    Local ventilation is designed to meet usage conditions in an energy-efficient manner by reducing the burden on the air conditioning system. High heat generating equipment are also placed under customised ventilation enclosures to achieve this purpose.

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