• Laboratory Furniture

    A lab is a very hostile environment for furniture - which needs to be built tough enough to survive & last.

    Highly resistant to chemicals, steel furniture has long been the product of choice in laboratory environments where spills, corrosive agents and heavy loading is common.

    Combining good looks and durability, we have developed a diverse product selection of steel components that come in a wide variety of colours and hardware options.

  • Floor Standing Laboratory Bench

    Floor Standing Laboratory Bench

    Floor standing laboratory cabinets provide a simple yet sturdy structure. Base cabinets provide both - support and storage for an efficient use of the lab space. All utility supply services are tucked away behind benches, accessible from removable panels within each cabinet.

  • C-Frame Bench

    C-Frame Bench

    C-frame furniture system consists of a free standing frame of steel channel and frame work, that provides support for the entire bench and suspended storage units. All leg assemblies can be installed at different length intervals with adjustable horizontal channels. This augments the flexibility and structural strength of the lab bench. Flexibility is further enhanced as storage spaces can be added in the future based on the lab usage requirements. Upper storage can be added using the upright reagent rack system.

  • Upright Reagent Racks

    Upright Reagent Racks

    Bench-top uprights provide maximum utilisation of space above the work surface for storage. It can be bolted to any work surface and can accommodate all adjustable furniture shelving and wall cases.

  • Normal Reagent Racks

    Normal Reagent Racks

    Standard steel racks can be used over troughs or solid surfaces. Different work surfaces can be mounted based to match the lab bench surface. It provides service utility channel for above the work surface services for gas and electrical. Utility services can be mounted on the front or side of the reagent racks.

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